Katie Crosslin Gets Research Article Published

Assistant Professor Katie Crosslin, Ph.D., recently had a research article published in the international journal entitled “Injury Prevention.” Dr. Crosslin served as the Primary Investigator, and she collaborated with Dr. Ray Tsai, President and Chief Medical Officer at Children’s Health in Dallas to investigate patterns in child ingestion of household cleaners among immigrant Hispanics. Their qualitative study indicates that immigrant children may be at greater risk of pediatric poisoning.

In past years, ingestion of household cleaners was the second leading cause of unintentional poisonings in children.

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NBC Interviews Dr. Kimberly A. Parker for World AIDS Day

Dr. Kimberly A. Parker has spent the last ten years committed to HIV-AIDS prevention.  She travels across the country giving presentations on AIDS, HIV, and women’s health. The Gilead Sciences Foundation awarded associate professors Kimberly A. Parker, Ph.D., and Kristin Wiginton, Ph.D., in the TWU Department of Health Studies a grant to design a comprehensive women’s health intervention with different health education modules.  This grant promotes the medication called PrEP for the prevention of HIV.  PrEP is a medication found to be 92-98% effective against HIV when taken regularly. Continue reading

Mandy Golman Works to Reduce Teen Pregnancy Rates through $4.9 Million Grant

Nila Ricks, Ph.D. (left) and Mandy Golman, Ph.D. (photo credit: Susan Sponsler-Carstarhen)

TWU Assistant Professors of Health Studies Mandy Golman and Nila Ricks of Social Work are part of a north Texas alliance working to reduce high birth rates among teens in Dallas through a recent $4.9 million grant.

In an interview with News Radio 1080 KRLD, Dr. Golman explains that the alliance plans to mobilize from within in the community to serve key stakeholders in focus groups to talk about barriers and gaps in services to address the “alarmingly high birth rates” among adolescent girls, ages 15 to 19 in several zip codes in the Dallas area. Continue reading