Health Studies majors among Experiential Student Scholar Awardees

Three students in the department of Health Studies have been selected as 2015-16 awardees of the Experiential Student Scholar Program, which engages students in experiential project partnerships with faculty in alignment with TWU’s quality enhancement plan Pioneering Pathways: Learn by Doing.

Awardees include undergraduate student Mariah Lewchuk and doctoral students Megan Johnson and Elizabeth Wachira.

Maria Lewchuk was selected for her project “Perspectives of Teen Pregnancy from Dallas-area Teens,” with Dr. Mandy Golman serving as her faculty mentor. Elizabeth Wachira was selected for her project “Exploring Vulnerabilities as Determinants of Health: Construct Validation.” Similarly, Megan Johnson was selected for her project “Identifying the Transition from Social Smoking to Daily Smoking.” Dr. Kimberly Parker serves as faculty mentor for both Ph.D. students.

Faculty-Student Mentorship
Dr. Kimberly Parker, left, with doctoral student Megan Johnson

Each awardee receives a stipend of $2,000 in the form of a credit to their university account, and faculty mentors receive $500 for professional expenses related to each project. You can learn more about the TWU Experiential Student Scholar Program here.


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