NBC Interviews Dr. Kimberly A. Parker for World AIDS Day

Dr. Kimberly A. Parker has spent the last ten years committed to HIV-AIDS prevention.  She travels across the country giving presentations on AIDS, HIV, and women’s health. The Gilead Sciences Foundation awarded associate professors Kimberly A. Parker, Ph.D., and Kristin Wiginton, Ph.D., in the TWU Department of Health Studies a grant to design a comprehensive women’s health intervention with different health education modules.  This grant promotes the medication called PrEP for the prevention of HIV.  PrEP is a medication found to be 92-98% effective against HIV when taken regularly.

Kimberly A. Parker, Ph.D., right, and Kristin Wiginton, Ph.D., associate professors in the TWU Department of Health Studies recently received a $129,788 grant to raise women’s knowledge and awareness about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Photo credit: Ronda DuTeil

Recently, Dr. Parker was interviewed about her research on the NBC’s WALB News 10 program, Dialogue. Dr. Parker described PrEP as another intervention tool in an HIV prevention tool kit.   This comprehensive intervention would be available for any women’s health issue.  A health care provider can pull a module for use with whatever health issue they are addressing with their patient.

Additionally, Dr. Parker has written articles on demystifying AIDS. Although attitudes about HIV and AIDS have changed over the years and AIDS is not the death sentence we used to believe decades ago, the stigma about AIDS continues.  It is prevalent among the African American community and this stigma is a concern to Dr. Parker.

“My personal goal for addressing HIV is to have it incorporated into the normal conversation you would have about any health issue.”

The discussion of HIV and AIDS needs to be more out in the open.  Integrating information about risk and prevention on TV shows and Public Service Announcements will help it become a part of normal conversation and demystify HIV and AIDS. You can watch Dr. Parker’s full interview with WALB News 10 here.

Source: Dialogue, December 6, 2015 Dr. Kimberly A. Parker


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